Carrots with Lemon, Honey and Spearmint


This is my go to easy veg. Great with baby carrots, or large rounds, it can be fixed in about 30 minutes. The only ingredients you need are:

1-2# carrots

2 large pats of butter

Lemon juice, splash or one whole lemon(save zest)

Big squeeze of honey

Dried mint, or other green herb

Instructions: fill pot small pot of water with carrots, boil until water reduces by half. Add juice of lemon, honey, butter, and reduce further. When most of the liquid is reduced, add herbs. Sizzle in pot while stirring occasionally, and voila!

****With the reserved zest, spread out on parchment paper and let dry for one to two days. Can be saved in a glass jar and used like an herb for various applications.

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