Classic Avgolemono Soup

Typically, Avogolemono is served with shredded chicken. A classic Greek preparation, it is simply flavored with lemon and egg and chicken broth or stock, brought together in harmony with a simple liason. In this version, the egg whites are beat to a stiff peak before completing the soup and I also add the fragrant zest to the egg whites for total utilization of the lemon. You will need:

  • 2~ 32 ounce boxes of your favorite chicken stock(low sodium is best)
  • 1½ cups orzo
  • 3 eggs, whites and yolks separated
  • 1 to 2 large lemons, zest and juice from all, separate
  • Salt to taste

Begin by bringing orzo and broth to a boil. I suggest using a large stock pot for this one! Beat the egg whites with a wisk or electric whisk until stiff peaks form, in a separate bowl. Sprinkle the lemon zest into the whites. Slowly add egg yolks and lemon juice(they can co mingle for a little bit), ramping up spead until the its all incorperated evenly. Ladle out a spoonful of the hot stock, into a side dish and SLOWLY add to eggs until gone. This is called a liasion and is a thickening technique. Next, add the liasion to the hot soup slowly, and stirring continuously. At this stage, you’ll be glad to have a large stock pot in use as it will swell, even doubling. Don’t stop stirring until fully bubbling. Turn off the heat. By whipping the egg whites, there is literally no need to add cream, it should thicken straight away. Remove from heat and serve immediatly, with or with out meatballs. 


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